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 Art, doodles and other general crap! Ze Haze art thread.

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PostSubject: Art, doodles and other general crap! Ze Haze art thread.   Thu Aug 06, 2009 12:29 am


Ok to clear things up for those that dont know, seriously? i'm quacky it's rather obvious really the reasoning for a new account is simple my old one is locked out, my own fault really anywho i've decided to re-launch my 'Mouse' art, what is mouse art? see that thing you move and click with your right hand? yup it's what i doodle with! what do i draw on or with? not MS paint rather Artpad, an awesome tool for being lazy and doodling shizle, google it.

Right so to level it out with you guys these two pictures are slightly edited with GIMP so they look less ehr, 'rough' first up is the less edited one, then below that will be the heavily edited one, to find the un-edited one and see me drawing it from start to end go here: http://artpad.art.com/?knxvjnio2zg !

'What is it? a ninja with a bloody sword?!' pretty much, to nutshell what it is: Camoflauge stealthy ninja armor with an awesome sword thing to boot! the idea was and still is you hire these mysterious armored killers to take out 'unwanted competition' or general killings whatever floats your boat, seems in this case a poor scientest who's in bio-hazard protective gear got stabbed in the chest, the fire? perhaps our ninja pal likes to play with it, fun.


---Slightly Edited

---Heavily Edited

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Art, doodles and other general crap! Ze Haze art thread.
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